Dear Pastor Chuks,

Good day Pastor Chucks and Pastor Augusta.

My name is Kgomotso .M. from Johannesburg Roodepoort. I’ve heard about you from Rainbow FM in 2015 and have been visiting your church since then.

In 2015 I attended destiny night at the mosaic theatre and my life has never been the same since…you declared some powerful words and I received them in spirit and my life, my family life is going from glory to glory.

This is what the Lord has done for me since…

  1. 2015 May I got a promotion
  2. 2016 January you appeared to me in my dreams and told me something big is coming my way and in March that same year, I got a promotion as a store manager in one of the big stores in Sandton city.
  3. 2017 in February in my dreams, I was in church and you pulled me out of the congregation and you said I must come to the front and you started praying for me from head to toe, saying I must pray for the 3rd and the 9th month. In October 2017 you said the remaining months should answer to us and in December that year I went for an interview within the same company but at head office and my then boss told me I got the position but HR will let me know only when they open in January 2018
  4. The31st DecemberI attended a cross over with my husband and mom and you said 2018 was the year of the overflow. In January the 15th HR called me to say I got the job at our head office, and for someone who has been in retail for over 12yrs, with no degree, I didn’t know how I was going to ever work in corporate and finally spend time with my family.
  5. We bought a house in 2008 and have been trying to sell it and move out of the area since 2013 with no luck, now this year April an estate agent calls us saying they have a cash buyer for our house, we’ve also found a beautiful, big house with a pool last week and the bank gave us 100% home loan.
  6. I had a dream last week Monday that I was pregnant with twins and that I was also due to deliver this week a boy(separate from the twins ) this week before I can give birth to the twins, and this week Nedbank called and gave us a 100% bond approval after all the other bank were giving far less.
  7. My husband has been called for a job interview for a director position, which is the next level from his current position and HR is busy running after him to remind him of the date of the interview next week so he doesn’t change his mind.

This is truly our year of the OVERFLOW… And all the GLORY belongs to our faithful GOD.

I’m so grateful and blessed to have known a GREAT MAN OF GOD like you and thank God for sending you to SA, you’ve taught us to use our faith, speak only what we want to see happen and trust GOD..I have so much to say but a BIG THANK YOU is all I can say.

I pray that GOD BLESS you and your beautiful family, we thank GOD for your lives.

Stay blessed in Jesus name Amen.

Sis. K.M


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