Born into the “God – Class”

Scripture of the Day:

“And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion.”  (Genesis 1:26)

We are children of God by redemption and we are born into the “God – Class” of creation, with the same spiritual capacities and capabilities that God has. Another translation puts the same verse of scripture thus:”…….let us make man in our image to be like ourselves, they will be masters over all of life…… (New Living Translation). Understand that “to be like ourselves” means to function and operate in the same manner. Child of God, you have what it takes to dominate the world around you. Be conscious of your perfect union with Christ and cherish the resulting ability to manifest your authority using the word of faith in your mouth just like Him.

Confession of the Day:

Say… “Father I thank you I am born of God. I have the life and nature of God. I believe and declare that God’s word alone is true about me and every area of my life. I rejoice because the greater one lives in me. He rises up each day to give illumination to my spirit as well as direction to my life. I am only subject to the law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus which has set me free from the law of sin and death. Success is my inheritance as a child of God. The way He cannot faith in anything in heaven, is as well the way I cannot fail in anything on earth. As He is in heaven so am I here on earth. Thank you Father because it is so in Jesus name.”



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