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Mar 2014
FAVOUR: God’s master key for success

It’s amazing to begin to conceive the complete reach of God’s favour in the transaction based world in which we live. So following last Sunday’s service at GRACEHOUSE FAMILY CHURCH, I had the honour of breaking bread with a dear friend and her mother and revelled in the splendid counsel of a mother’s experience. She carefully indulged us and endorsed the Pastor’s message on the dependable, assured and emphatic extent of God’s divine favour. The message of Favour, much like that of Grace, is a perennial struggle I’ve had as I’ve contemplated......

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Feb 2014

The word Father has always signified security, comfort and trust for me, even more so than Mother – but I’m a daddy’s girl or at least that’s what I’ve been called over the years. It is a label I wear proudly and wish that more of us could know the blessing of an amazing father. While the word Father may be definitive and precise, I am still struck by the myriad of emotions that that one word can elicit depending on who it’s spoken to. How can it be that the word......

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