1. I walk conscious of the blessing of Abraham upon my life and i rejoice because concerning me, the blessing has been deposited and is operational now. The blessing is woking in and around me now. My increase is on schedule and my breakthrough is happening now. As i speak, unsual doors are opening for me now because i am preferred above all others. Thank you Father because i step into uncommon blessings from today in Jesus name.
  2. I prosper and enjoy sound health even as my soul prospers. I am fruitful, highly favoured, deeply loved and abundantly supplied. Thank you Father because it is so in Jesus name.
  3. Father, i thank you because i am a priest-king. i am crowned with glory and honour. Therefore i command every ear that needs to hear me in order for me to rise in this season to open now in Jesus name.
  4. It is written in Psalm 27:2 that when the wicked, even mine enemies and foes, came upon me to eat up my flesh, they stumbles and fell. I therefore execrise the judgement written and paralyse every foe, visible and invisible; or every coaliation positioned against me to frustate my progress in any of my life, i say stumble and fall permanently in Jesus name.
  5. By the power in the word of God, i minister defeat to every warfare surrounding my inheritance; i say perish in the name of Jesus.
  6. Father, i thank You because ia m a branch of the true vine, and everything true about jesus Christ tha anointed One is also true about me. According to scriptures, i am like a tree planted by the rivers of water. i do not suffer loss and my leaves(dream,vision,endeavours) are ever green, they do not wither or fail and whatsoever i do prospers. My supply and provision is supenatural and i do not cease from yielding fruit. All my projects come to maturity and bear fruit bountifully,nothing good died in my hand . Success is my nature and its shows up in everything that i do in Jesus name.
  7. In the name of Jesus, i declare that from this day, shortage and financial struggles of any type will run away from me. Dive abundant will locate me in the name of Jesus . I resist the devil in my finances as i stand in faith on the promises of the word of God. The devil flees from me as in terror because the hand of God is upon and favour in Jesus name.
  8. I announce a new season over my life and i declare that no evil pattern will be duplicated in my life in the name of Jesus. I reject repeated failure at the edge of miracle and i decree that my harvest will no longer be stolen in the name of Jesus.
  9. I overcome every factor behind stagnation, non-achievement, and lack of visible progress in any area of my life by the blood of Jesus. i declare that my light shines more and more unto a perfect day in the name of Jesus.
  10. It is written that only goodness and mercy shall follow me. Therefore i command permanent destruction upon every satanic pattern that always shows up to fight my promotion in the name of Jesus.Faith Declarations
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