Dear Pastor Chuks,

Good day Pastor Sir.

I will try and keep this short.

I registered a company in honour of my late father late last year in December before going on a 15 day fast. After having been at the Encounter earlier and having seen Ps. Chucks on TV i knew i wanted to sit under his teaching. I called the church in the first week of January, i attended the first Wednesday prayer meeting and joined in on the 40day fast. I had nothing to loose and i chose to emerse myself completely in the word of God.(THE WORD) One thing changed, my giving i made sure i had a seed in every meeting i attended no matter how much it was i just wanted to give more. (SEED)Another decision i made at the begining of the year was to give more to those less fortunate then me. So i decided to visit a home every month that has about 41 abandoned babies (THE POOR), where i give what i can and i ask those who can to contribute, to do so towards the course.
During the whole year i spoke the word only trusting God for the impossible. For rules to be re-written for my sake and for favour and for signs and wonders.

As a young black woman, one can be pressured to compromise oneself for money etc. I made a vow to God that i will not lie on my back for any money or business deals but that HE alone will have bragging rights to my success.

Last week i received a request for a quote for industrial pipes. This is something that i have no experience in, we were fasting and the holy spirit said to me ” girl go for it!”. I searched for these pipes and eventually got them on the day the quotes for the RFQ had to be submitted. I didnt even know how much to quote. I submitted the quote for R248315.00 only R1685 short of a quarter of a million.
Because i didnt have the funds to pay for the goods from the supplier i almost lost the opportunity. Yesterday the client said they are looking for other suppliers because they could not wait for us. I refused to change my confession. Out of nowhere someone from Zimbawe called me just to check up on me and i shared what i was facing they didnt hesitate and said they would help me with the shortfall i needed to pay the supplier. ( HE WILL SEND YOU DESTINY HELPERS)!

Because when i speak, God speaks i called my client and told them that they can have the goods by Friday but only if they are willing to amend the agreement letter and release paymemt on the day of delivery and not 14days after. They agreed!! They sent the amended letters today.(REWROTE THE RULES FOR ME)

The pipes are on their way to Jhb from CT as we speak!!

GOD is AMAZING when we honour him.

I am so blessed by the teaching we receive from Ps.Chucks i am honoured to be in a church home that is made for champions.

Thank you papa Chucks.

Sister T.


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