Extravagant Praise

Extravagant Praise

The Psalmist says “Oh give thanks unto The Lord, for He is good, for His mercy endures forever” Psalms 136:1. It was an awesome time in God’s presence last Sunday, the 1st of December 2013 as the church gathered to celebrate God’s goodness at the annual end of year thanksgiving service. God indeed crowns our year with his goodness, He puts a new song in our mouth, even a song of praise unto our God.

As custom is, this special service is dedicated to appreciating God for all He has done through the year. The church was in a thanksgiving mode as shouts of joy filled the air right from the start of the service till the end. There was so much excitement, families even individuals danced out for a special thanksgiving. How about the child dedication galore (remember Pastor prophesied miracle babies during the year), many families including two of our pastors dedicated their babies on the day. House-fellowships as well as departments were also not left out; Springs, Randburg and Cresta house fellowship centers got their praise on in special thanksgiving.

The peak of it all was the time for the general thanksgiving. So much joy as brethren danced out to show their appreciation and give their offerings. The auditorium was filled to the capacity that there was slow moving traffic and even a stand still for few minutes because there was not enough space for free flow of traffic. Pastor declared expansion saying “the church is moving to a mall very soon”. A big Amen to that.

And the word? Pastor dished it out sizzling hot with so much confidence. In case you missed it, Pastor shared on the keys to command covenant increase. In His words “You are under a covenant of increase. Proverbs 4:18. It is in your nature to always do better. You are designed and empowered to live above”. For a full bouquet, order a copy of the CD from the church bookshop.

This article would not be complete without making mention of the awards given to the 2013 most functional House fellowship and the best dressed couple for the day. It is a prestigious award presented by the Senior Pastor himself to the winners. This year, the award of the most functional house fellowship went to the Springs House fellowship. As if that was not enough, it was a double whammy as the hosts of the Springs house fellowship also won the best dressed couple award on the thanksgiving day. It was well deserved as they were fully dressed in their traditional Zulu attire.

Looking forward to next year’s thanksgiving. “Great is The Lord and greatly to be praised…” Psalm 48:1


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