Financial Breakthrough

Financial Breakthrough

Dear Pastor Chuks,

My testimony! So excited to share it.

As Pastor is well aware, I’ve been working on a project for quite some time now – however the last 5 months, have been the most challenging. I had previously used my own resources to fund the project and I could no longer do so. Every financial resource had dried up, every single one. We were battling to find funding, because of the way the deal was structured. In December, we thought we secured a sponsor and they dumped us last minute.

Time went on and our deadline was looming. I called everyone i knew, reached out to my networks and nothing worked. I decided, that there is no way this dream will die and God gave me a word: Prov 13:22 – I received that word and spoke it everyday. I now remembered Pastor’s advice to me, “You are doing well, but remember – keep your eyes on Jesus” – I didn’t quite understand it at the time (because in my mind, i thought i was keeping my mind on Christ) Indeed revelation came and i knew the only way out of this was to look to God and GOD ALONE – NO ONE else.

However, in the midst of deep frustration, people would ask – how far with project and i’d say – we haven’t resumed, because we haven’t found the money yet. I had a dream one day and God said to me in this dream “Stop saying you don’t have the money, you keep saying it – you won’t see it” and indeed i stopped immediately. The fast came and this time around, i knew i needed different results and decided to things differently. I decided to take a total fast, pray , mediate and consume the word unusually and read inspired books. I knew something i had changed on the inside. I stopped being anxious, stopped being fearful and doubts stopped…

I still felt in my spirit, i wasn’t praying properly or engaging theword strategically enough, about the matter. (I remembered Pastor
Augusta saying: “In 2017, only those who engage the word properly will receive miracles”). Accelerate 2017 came, Glory to God and i believe
that conference has changed the trajectory of my life forever. In one of the evenings, Rev Niyi Eboda preached, i got the tape. Got home and
immediately listened to the tape (twice) the very same night. Still in that same evening, God downloaded 6 scriptures to me and showed me how to pray about the matter. I did so. Friday afternoon in my prayer time – i just got into the presence of God and instead of praying (like i had planned)- i just began thanking God , weeping and worshipping. Saturday, someone messaged me to say, they are interested in investing. I responded and the conversation didn’t go very well. I walked away and thought to myself, I’m not begging anyone and ended the conversation. The same person called the following day and said he wants to invest and i should put together a proposal. I spent Sunday night, putting an investor pack together, sent it. Monday morning we had a conversation and he decided right there and then – he is in! One day after the accelerate conference, my miracle came. Wow!! The speed to which it all happened was incredible. What would take weeks or months to negotiate, took 2 days. I asked him to send me a legal agreement and he said to me, no you put one together – i’ll just sign it (this is an Ivy League graduate) – I’m no lawyer – but he trusted what I put together. We signed and 3 days later – the money was in my account.

The miracle, was that prior to all this happening. I said to myself in January, if you really have this faith you say you have – why must you
wait till you find an investor: make all the necessary plans now! And indeed, in January, I put all the plans together and my faith was in God and NO ONE else. My friends asked me, “why put all these plans together, how you going to pay and where is the money going to come from” – I responded “God will provide, I’m believing God”. . I felt so foolish – because i had no physical evidence that i could depend on – but there was such peace in my heart and (I remembered Pastor’s message: “The foolishness of faith”; I remembered the book of Hebrews” “Faith is the substance of all things hoped for..the evidence of things not seen…”, Proverbs 13:22 was my title deed. Thursday the money was deposited into my account – And Friday was the day I had to pay all my suppliers and my contractors. Glory to God. How incredible!! I truly am so moved by what God has done for me. Its made feel like, a little child – who can depend on my dad. I’m so glad to be a part of Grace House, indeed it is our Year of Enlargement and i know that God is still going to outdo himself. Faith indeed is a FORCE & A REST!

Thank you to Pastor & Mama for all your prayers, teachings and words of encouragement. Grace House, is a wealthy house.

Yours Truly,


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