His Faithfulness.

Dear Pastor Chucks and mama Augusta,

Help me thank God for his faithfulness.

I had been working for a company where I was not happy since October 2017. However, I had been applying at another company that I had always desired to work for since 2016 but my applications had been regretted 9 times.

And we came to Grace House Family Church in 2017 and started buying CD’s and also attending Wednesday prayers and buying those CD’s to continue listening and praying along and confessing the word everyday. I remember on the New year’s eve prayer we were asked to write down the things that we wanted God to do for us in 2018, and 1 of them for me was that I wanted to be hired at the company I had been applying at since 2016.

On the 9th of June 2018 I told my wife that I was going to resign from the company I had been employed at since October 2017 because the conditions where terrible and my wife said to me, I should just hear God about it. So on Sunday the 10th I told her, I had decided to resign on Monday the 11th.

And on Monday the 11th, I resigned and offered to serve my 1 calendar month notice period. But when the person who was supposed to accept my resignation got it, they called me and said to me, if I had decided to resign, it was not necessary for me to serve my notice and that I was free to leave at that very moment and they would pay my full salary, so I left.

Tuesday I decided attend the lunch hour prayer and while on my way I received a call from this company I had been applying at since 2016, my dream company. They asked me if I was available for the interview on Wednesday at 13:00 and ofcourse I was available and so on Wednesday I attended my interview at 13:00 and towards the end of the interview, they asked me what my notice period was, if they could consider hiring me and I told them I had resigned on Monday. Then they said if I was successful, they would call me to come for background checks.

And as I left, I saw others that had also come for interview waiting at reception. But at approximately 2 hours after the interview, I received another call from the HR asking if I could come for background checks on Friday.

Thursday at 09:00, I received another call from one of the senior managers telling me that they had decided to give me a job offer. Then he says to me, “since you said you had already resigned where you were working and they did not require you to serve notice, how about you start on Tuesday? We will pay you” And ofcourse I accepted.

In brief, I resigned on Monday, got called for an interview on Tuesday, went for the interview on Wednesday, got hired on Thursday and started my new job the following week.


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