Miracle Delivery

Shalom Pastor Ma,

Greeting to you Ma in the matchless name of Jesus…

I would like to share my testimony of the greatness of God and his outstanding ability to do marvelous things in our lives with you Ma…

On the 27-01-2017, which happened to be on a Friday morning, within the expected date of my delivery, I went about my morning routine, as soon as my girls left for school, i suddenly felt some cramps and pains, and immediately I called my midwife as i had planned to have a home water birth at the comfort of my home.

On arrival she went through the normal examinations, made preparations and told me that I am still far from having the baby, that it will take a few hours before i can be delivered, But I kept telling her that I have prayed all through my pregnancy that i will not labour in childbirth, that what takes the normal woman hours, will take me an hour or minutes because I am a supernatural being. But she said it scientifically does not make sense, that the earliest the baby can come would be at least 3 hours…

My husband left and said he will be back in an hour, and minutes after that, my midwife also left and i was all Alone in the house, Then shortly my water broke. The pains were now close and very persistent and I said  “let me give myself a few minutes and not panic”, after remembering what Pastor once said, ‘When challenged you rush to God first for directions on what to do”.
At that very moment i began to call God my very present help in times of need, that He says He is with me Always, that He will never me nor forsake me, that He said i should ask Him of anything and he will do it, More and more scriptures of His presence with me filled my spirit and i began to confess them, I started thanking him for being my strength and salvation and i received strength to carry through…

l asked God to empower me with the Holy Spirit and send me help, Immediately I knew what to do…I trusted him to manifest as my midwife at that moment, I found strength to walk to the bathroom. With only a few pushes the baby came out with a very clean face, cried a bit and gave me a few sneezes, she was healthy with no complications.

I blessed the Lord with so much gratitude, prayed for the baby and lifted her up to Lord!
About 10-15 minutes later as i was already nursing, the midwife came in and marveled on what God can do, because indeed by “Strength shall no man prevail”.
She did her routine medical examinations, and cleaning. She confirmed both mother and child healthy… I believe God wanted to prove Himself to me as The Almighty Almighty and my All sufficient God…
I delivered the baby like the Hebrew women, and this indeed is the doing of the lord and it is marvelous in my sight.

Thank you so much Ma and Pastor Chuks Sir, for always thriving to teach us the undiluted Word of God and empowering us to live by faith…

Rich blessings
Sis Pulane


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