My uncommon testimonies

Good evening I hope you are blessed.

God is being good to me. I’m a woman of God ‘s glory. I thank God for his wonderful grace in my life .

I don’t know where to start, but I will start where it all began when I was still a child I started my grade 1 at the age of 11 because of sickness and at the age of 14 I fell pregnant. And at the age of 16 I gave birth to my second child and my mother died that same year and my father the following year. To cut the long story short, as a result of not being educated and not having parents I ended up with 8 children. My life was a mess, I never thought that I would come out.

By God’s grace my husband found me with 5 children and God blessed us with 3 more.

Now I started attending GHFC a week before Encounter last year. Since then God started opening my eyes and gave me uncommon ideas. Having experienced domestic violence, God led me to minister to victims of domestic violence and abused women in a shelter. The idea was to help them with skills and as a florist working in the largest florist in SA for a year now. I wrote a proposal to our HR and she liked the idea and took it forward to the board. They also loved the idea . So they told me they are not only going to train these women but they would give them jobs and promote 8 of us who were florists to do office work. So 8 women from the shelter got jobs and 8 of us florists got promoted. This afternoon Wednesday 7th February after work a social worker from the shelter called to thank me for all the things that I have been doing for the women in need. So she said to me that they have gathered and put their heads together about me. They have decided to take me to school to do exalary social work. Praise God.

Thank God for my prophet and mentor Pastor Chuks and Pastor Augusta and the family of Grace House. God bless you richly. 😂😂😂😂

Yours faithfully Ziphora Ugochukwu


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