Pastor Boko N’sela Papy

1Pastor Boko N’sela Papy is from Democratic Republic of Congo. He is married to Omoyi Shungu Marguerite and they have been blessed with two children.

Academically, Pastor Papy holds a BA in Theology from the University of Johannesburg, a Diploma in COBOL Programming as well as a Certificate in Real Estate. He has previously worked as an Operations Manager for an import and export company and as an Estate Agent.

Pastor Papy was born again in 2003. In his early years of ministry, he was very active in the youth ministry, cellgroups and in intercessionary ministry. Through a divine encounter, he met Pastor Chuks in 2002 and thereafter continued to serve the Lord under Grace House Family Church leading to him being ordained a Pastor in 2008.

While faithfully serving at Grace House Family Church, Pastor Papy has progressively served as a cellgroup leader, head of intercession and cellgroup departments.

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