Supernatural Business Opportunities

Supernatural Business Opportunities

Dear Pastor Chuks,

Good day Sir.

Over the years I have started businesses and they have failed to really takeoff. The hard economic conditions in my country never made it easy, I had reached a breakpoint and despondency. God moved me to a new country and after a year of prayer he moved me to a new ministry (Grace House Family Church). Three months after joining the church God has suddenly opened new doors for multiple business opportunities effortlessly. Recently God did something that was out of this world after I planted a sacrificial seed. Doors have opened in the very country that I had failed to do business previously. When all has come full circle I will give finer detail.

But what I can say is I now own 25% shareholding in a company that will be counted amongst the biggest mining companies in my country.

Our labor can never be in vain and we will never have the opportunity to explain failure. Eph3v 20, Isaiah65v 20-25, Isaiah 60v 22

Thank you Pastor for teaching us about the blessing, sacrificial giving, Grace, and the new RARE season that we are in as a church. We are taking territory, not small territory but nations Psalm2v 8.




W. Makomichi


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