Shalom Sir,

I greet you and Ma, indeed we give glory to God because it has happened for us. We where in the service on Wednesday, we heard the word of God on Debt cancellation, and run with the word but we forgot that there was a huge amount of money we needed to pay for water because from last year they would send us abnormal water bills every mouth so we where not paying it, until they said we must pay. So we agreed to pay. When this year started we have been paying every month, but the last year bill we told our landlord we will still pay part payments until we finish even though it was abnormal and we where not happy about it, so after Wednesday service the following day Thursday, our Lordland from Limpopo the wife called my wife around 4pm and told her she is attending a workshop in centurion, and she will come home to say hello, my wife waited she only come at 9pm in the night, so I was in the bedroom and came out to greet her and after talking to my wife for a long time so she said am now going so my wife and my mother escorted her outside to her car just outside the door she told my wife that the bill for last year I have cancelled it my wife called me screaming come and hear so I came out and she said to me I have cancelled the last year water bill all of it. We stood there shocked with the good news, we give God the glory. Thank you Ma and Sir, for obeying God giving us a word in season, indeed the word works, The Blessing is real. praise God.

Pastor Edson


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