Supernatural Debt Cancellation

Supernatural Debt Cancellation
Dear Pastor Chuks and Augusta,
Good Afternoon
I just want to share testimony that happened today when Pastor chucks was Preaching.
Email  send to me  today from City of Jo’burg that my Debts has been cancelled…Glory to God. That was my second debit the I wrote as Pastor told us to write .Thank God for supernatural miracles as I’m writing I’m crying tears of Joy….Worshiping.
Pastor I’ve got so many miracle that happened to my life since I’ve started at Grace house, I’ve entered into his rest I’m not working but God his doing miracles .Pastor you have planted a seed of Dominion of able to repossess what the devil has stole away from me ….to speak the word(I’m blessed highly favoured).Thank you for your teachings .God Bless You.
Thank you
Sis Busisiwe

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