Supernatural Debts Cancellation

Supernatural Debts Cancellation

Shalom Sir,

Trust this email finds you blessed.

This is a delayed email. My sun is shining again and my season has changed. April is indeed a month of Harvest.

I’m just going to be brief Sir. Thank you and Mama for your prayers. God has finally cancelled my debts supernaturally. I have been struggling with this bad credit record for about 2 years but favour showed up in an amazing way. I can’t even begin to explain how this happened but favour bypassed all protocols and rules. God wiped away all my debts supernaturally. My name is clean on ITC. This could not have been possible without faith and faithful giving. I stood in faith since the day you prayed for me.

Everything happened all at once and with speed. (AMOS 9:13). Two weeks ago, I got an approval for a brand new car and my house in a new development. Regardless of the “junk status” that the country is facing currently. I was able to get an approval for both at a very reasonable interest rate. Favour!!!!!!

This is the doing of the Lord and it is marvelous in my eyes.

It is indeed our Year of Enlargement and Excelleration.


Your daughter.
R. Maye

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