Dear Pastor Chuks,

Good day Pastor Chuks

I trust that you are well and blessed.

I would like to start by extending my sincere gratitude to you and Mama Augusta for following God’s call upon your lives and founding Grace House Family Church, a place which I identify as home.

By God’s grace, He has given me a testimony that has built up my faith and given me the confidence that all things work together for my good, as Romans 8:28 states. My testimony is as follows:

In 2015 I completed my tertiary degree and i had received a job offer in Johannesburg at a reputable company; 2016 promised to be bright. Being a Zimbabwean citizen, I needed a work visa and the immigration officer advised me to apply for a general work permit, as she emphasized that because of my lack of work experience I would be denied the critical skills visa. So I went back to Zim after my exams and applied in November for the general work permit and they advised me that it would be ready in 3 months (end of January 2016). The end of January came and my permit still was not out. I began to grow anxious, as I was set to start my new job at the beginning of February. By God’s grace, the company informed me that if I received my permit by June, I could still join my peers in 2016, however should it come out after June then I would have to join the next group of graduates in February 2017. I had always been a believer, but my journey from that point until today has been fundamental to building my faith up. February, March and April went by and I still hadn’t received my outcome. I was living at home, unemployed and completely dependent on my parents. I felt left behind, as I watched others getting job offers and embarking on their careers. I could not understand why God would give me a job offer but then delay the start. I eventually received the outcome in early May, and my application was denied. I was devastated- I needed this job. After 7 months of waiting on God and trusting Him, my application was denied. My only hope at this point, was to try the critical skills route, the one which I had initially been advised against by the immigration officer. I felt that I had nothing to lose and so I applied in early June. I ignored the facts and focused on God. I prayed and told God that if it was His will, the critical skills visa would be successful. Once again the outcome was delayed and I began to grow weary, I prayed for a sign and in August one of the pastors told me that “be expectant”. A week later my visa came out and it was successful. God granted me favor and paved the way for a great 2017. I spent the rest of the year in Zim and continued to spend my time at church, serving and spending time in the word.

2017 came and I relocated to South Africa. I wanted to maintain my relationship with God and now was looking for a church to fellowship at and God led me to Grace House Family Church. I was content, new job, new church, 2017 promised to be much better than 2016. However, 3 weeks into my new job I was woken up in the early hours of a Saturday morning to news that my father had passed away due to a stroke. I went home to Zim that same day and it was a very difficult time for me, I couldn’t understand it. I travelled back to SA after just a week because I had to go back to work. Part of me wanted to quit and take a break from everything – but I remembered my visa testimony and that God brought me to South Africa for a reason. I continued to come to church, even though it was very hard for me – my faith had been shaken to the core and I just had to praise God even in the storm. Mama Augusta preached “My sun will shine again” and I held on to that promise. Work was also challenging and there was a point whereby some of my seniors were persecuting me without cause – that worried me because they are very senior and play a part in decision making when it comes to performance management. When Dr Cindy Trimm came in October I was moved by her words and though my situation at work didn’t change, my outlook changed and I had faith that everything would work out for my good. My faith was revived. I  also decided to join the information desk department so that I could serve God.

On my list of  7 things for 2018 I wrote down promotion as one of them – even though by the time promotions were due I wouldn’t qualify because I hadn’t been in the organization for the minimum number of years and they are so strict about rules. However Pastor Chuks preached that “promotion comes from God” and so I stood on that word despite the facts.

Last week Friday I received news about my promotion. God answered my prayers and I am now at the same level as the peers I was meant to start work with in 2016, even though I started a year later. He redeemed me and I did not suffer shame. I praise God for letting me live in a year of Overflow.

Thank you Pastor Chuks and Mama Augusta, I am truly grateful for you. I am looking forward to seeing God do even more in my life this year. I genuinely believe that nothing will be impossible to me as long as I seek God first.

Kind regards,

Sis A