Dear Pastor Chuks & Augusta,
Revelation 12 vers 11 says : THEY OVERCAME HIM BY THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB AND BY THE WORD OF THEIR TESTIMONY….  We Are the overcomers through the Blood of Jesus. Praise the Lord. 
 Here is my testimony for the Glory of God.
 9 months ago, just in June 2017 the Spirit of God led me to this place. how? few days before I came,  I felt oppressed during the day and at night in my dreams I used to see only the family members already deceased … Then I told my daughter  that I urgently needed to find a Church where I can  have help in prayer … Near where I live there is a church … I contacted the Pastor on the phone to have the program of prayers …. He excused himself by telling me that their Church have  prayer only once a month .. It was not what I was looking for …  Then  one morning, in June last year, while driving the kids to school, I was listening  to Rainbow FM and it was Pastor Chuks who was preaching saying
JUST ONE WORD FROM GOD CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER … Then I decided to look for His Church GRACE HOUSE FAMILY CHURCH. The day after, I came to knock to the  door of this church in the morning.  Sister Eve received me and gave me all the programs of prayer and services.
After a week of attendance at all Church’s programs, I wanted to meet Pastor Chuks and Mama Augusta for counselling but it was impossible as they were preparing the “Encounter 2017”. As I could not wait for the end of ENCOUNTER TO HAVE THE SOLUTION TO MY PROBLEM, I asked Sister Eve if I could have any  Pastor in the Church whom I could speak to. … She introduced me to Pastor Luchi (who was available that day).  He gave me enough time to explain my problems to him …and from that day he  started praying with me every day … and I kept coming to church every Tuesdays and Fridays for Lunch Prayer and Wednesdays and Sundays for the services of each week …. 1  month after I fell seriously sick during the night around 2:00 am. it was for the first time in my life to have a crisis of high blood pressure…  Quickly i sent an SMS to Pastor Luchi and to a sister of the Church (Sister Lebo) who I  also met here  a certain Saturday … she was doing the bible school)… And
the same night I ve received the comfort of their prayers and been convinced that  they were carrying my burden  (Galat 6 vers 2)… and Pastor Luchi came to pray for me at the hospital 2 days later, bringing to me the prayers from mama Augusta .. I left the hospital the 4th day …One week later, 3 close family members had the same crisis of high blood pessure like i did and they passed away the same week… I believe I ‘ve escaped  death  because first I WAS ALREADY LOADED WITH THE WORD OF GOD by the teachings of our Man of God,  secondly because of  the assistance in prayer i had and because of my engagement  in Church’s Lunch prayer … I thank the Lord for the breath of life. 
 I thank the  Man of God for His Team in this church showing the real love, the agape love to the newcomer….
After the Encounter, I had the PRIVILEGE to be received twice
by mama Augusta for counselling,  encouragement and prayer, then by Pastor Chuks
together with mama Augusta his wife … And Pastor Chuks prayed for me that day
and Immediately I was filled with joy … He concluded for my case with these words::
IT SHALL BE WELL WITH YOU MAMA … And these words comforted me and filled me
with joy …. I thank God for that. May the Almighty continue to fill both of  you (Man of God and Mama) with
His Spirit so that this joy may continue flowing in this Assembly of God in the Name
of Jesus. To God be all  the glory…     
 My 2nd testimony is
this: Among all the problems I had there was also the problem of the house I
was renting. The tenant had a trip and the robbers came and took all in the
house, even the  electrical cables, the engine of the gate, …. And the tenant
refused to take charge  of the costs of all the repairs … Pastor Luchi came to pray for the 
 house, and few days later,  the tenant agreed to repair all the  damages and replace all that was missing in the house … The job to repair the house took 3 months from August to November 2017.
 … Today the house is completely restored and we now occupy it
… Thank you Lord Jesus.
Thank you Man of God for your Team, 
 My 3rd testimony: Among the 7 things asked to God (following the instructions of the Man of God the last day of the year 2017)
there was a problem of lost marks  of my son. He could not have his Honor Gradiation
without these marks. Today these marks have been found and he will be 
awarded in few days…and on top of this,  God gave him already a job .  Alleluiah. Glory be  to God.
I know it’s not all … God  continues to do wonders among us, RESTORING ALL OF US  UNDER THE  ANOINTING  that he put in this CHURCH through our PASTOR CHUKS and MAMA AUGUSTA  OZABOR for His Glory …
I would like today to encourage somebody  to join with a sincere heart the Lunch Prayer where brothers and sisters meet together to pray, bringing our burdens to God , doing all kinds of prayers, sometimes even with Pastor Chuks and mama Augusta …. These prayers are based on the Word of God.  It s work because it s the will of God (Ps 133). I’ve tasted and I’ve seen the result. Glory be to God.
God continues  answering to  our prayers  … It s a MUST for us to pray and God in His time WILL SHOW OFF THE RESULTS.
. Thank you MAN OF GOD. Thank you Mama AUGUSTA, Woman of God. Thank you
Ministers of God Thank you  all brothers and sisters in  Jesus Name 

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