The most difficult conversation any of us can ever be called to engage in is the authentic conversation with ‘self’. The ability to introspect, soul-search andcontemplate is the hallmark of maturity, and not age as most of us have been raised to believe. As Pastor’s counsel often teaches, the mature mind will allow itself to consider that any‘siege’ we may find ourselves in may contain within it elements which we have personally initiated– either knowingly or in error. Spiritual sieges bring about immediate blockages in our physical, mental and financial health and one has to wonder why we would willingly expose ourselves to such dysfunction?

Our one reprieve, as Pastor reminds us, is that we serve a God of restoration – one who has been compelling the enemy to surrender from the beginning of time. Psalm 107:20 assuredly heartens us to how God ‘rescues us from the pit and destruction’. The children of Israel were restored from the clutches of the Egyptians bythe ordinances through which Moses was empowered in Exodus 21. Even after their ‘multiple transgressions’ in Damascus, Gaza, Tyre, Edom and all the surrounding lands – God still moved to restore the children of Israel in Amos 9. And in one of the most remarkable encounters with the glory of God (John 11:40), Lazarus was restored from death to life. That must be what they call amazing love!

So even after we’ve been unlawfully compelled to surrender (a siege) and placed in a position of deep and inexplicable sorrow (famine), still, the Lord will forcibly and abundantly restore us to Glory as he did David after the raid by the Amalekites (1 Samuel 30:18). Pastor describes this restoration as an encounter with accelerated blessings, splendidly marked by the sound of abundance of rain which washes away the shame of our obstruction – adorning our lives with harvests and victories.

The blessing of the Lord must then be irrevocably potent and according to Luke 10:19, subdues the enemy by violent force. The redemptive power of the blessing, supernaturally repositions us, making all our crooked places straight again – what a relief! According to Pastor, all we need to do is to enforce this victory (1John 5:4) by standing on the word of God, and disarm all the trials (1 Colossians 2:15), past, present and future – and in so doing, inherit the promise.

You may be thinking, just how do I stand on the word? Well, Pastor directs us to do so by speaking God’s word of Faith against any antagonistic situation with boldness and expectation. Speaking the word of God by Faith moves us from a place of simply hoping, to a place where we take delivery of the promise and confidently bring to life the ability of God. How invigorating it is to know that the valley is not a place for us to die, no, it is simply our rendezvous, wherein we build strength, courage and through Faith, re-direct our destiny.

We are irreversibly blessed (Numbers 23:20), and need to walk in this consciousness, in spite of our current adverse circumstances. Our lives continue to move in the direction of our most dominant thoughts and as we think restoration, our victory is affirmed.



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