Member’s Center



Church membership is much more than a meaningless formality.  The Bible does not give us the option of identifying ourselves with God but not God’s people.  Though it is true that we are saved through faith alone, membership to Christ’s through the church is the visible declaration of this saving faith.  In this way, we truly believe Church membership is the Biblical expectation of every Christian.

GHFC-041But beyond expectation, Church membership is important because you need the Church, and the Church needs you.  You need the Church because this institution offers unique helps (worship, fellowship, discipleship, discipline, etc.) that every Christian needs to survive. And the Church needs you because this institution uniquely flourishes through the gifts and service of each member.  We would be honored and thrilled for GraceHouse Family Church as a local Church, be the place of your membership – you need us and we need you!

Please do contact the office for more information about our Foundation and Membership Classes: ( or please call (+27) 011 787 1082.

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