A must read testimony.
Greetings Pastor Chuks,  I trust you are well and that you are enjoying the heavenly blessings. 
I am 19 years of age, originally from Durban but staying in Blairgowrie on Susman and I am a member of Grace House Family Church, serving under the ushering department. 
I hereby write this email to testify on what God has done in my midst. My story trace back from last year when I was abandoned and dis-owned by my biological father because I differed in his belief of consulting the ancestors. In all this, he stopped paying my varsity fees as I was attending, one of the top Hotel schools in South Africa. By faith I trusted God for my fees and I’d still go to school regardless of the unpaid fees, I’d walk an hour every day to and from school. At the end of the year the school directors unfortunately told me I cannot come back for my second year since I have a debt of R60 000. Regardless of all this I told God that I will still cling unto to the hospitality industry and hold on to my big dream of being a hotelier. This year I found a waitressing job in a restaurant that is five minutes away from my house and I would not say my work experience there is the best as I was used with working with hotels not small restaurants but I trusted the word of God, I stood in faith believing it’s the days of humble beginnings.
Now I’ve been declaring with the church that “May is our month of elevation”, where God will exceed our expectations. I had believed God for a job placement at either the Michelangelo Hotel or the Saxon Hotel, being the top 2 hotels in Johannesburg.
A thought crossed my mind on Sunday that May is almost over but I haven’t seen any results, nonetheless I still declared God’s increase.
 A very strange thing happened on Monday at work as we took turns to take tables to serve, it was my turn to take a table then I got to serve this couple who was so excited about being in our restaurant for the first time. I gave best of my service, suggested the meals for them and checked them every now and then. Then out of interest the lady asked me about myself as she commented that I look really young, she asked on what I do besides working in the restaurant I’m working in. There I was, presenting myself and the conversation got to where I mentioned that I want to work for the one of most reputable Hotel. The lady just laughed, and in my mind I was unsure as to why she was laughing, I thought maybe my dreams are too big. But No, she told me she’s laughing Cause she’s the HR Manager at one of the top 5 star Hotel and her husband that she was with is a “Hot kitchen chef” (my favourite part of the kitchen as a chef).
I knew God had sent these people for me, it could never be a coincidence that they were at the restaurant for the first time, they got to be served by me and it happened that I mention straight to them that I want to work at the Saxon Hotel. I believe I was at the right place, at the right time, with the right people, saying the right thing. They gave me a business card to contact them and that was the first thing I did on Tuesday morning and by 1:00pm I was called to come for an interview yesterday (Wednesday the 29th), I stand and testify that I got the job on the spot, they said they look more into personality than skills and qualifications. They said they are willing to help in every way even with my education so I can go back to school next year for my qualifications. Glory to God, my mouth is singing a new song, every day of this week I’ve been testifying. I will be starting on Sunday. To God be all the glory.
 Thank you Pastor Chuks and Augusta for the word of faith.
May the Lord our God increase you always and shower you with more of his blessings.