Chukwuma Ejiliwebi Ozabor a man of character and charisma was born in Nigeria. Being the number 2 of the family of 5, Chukwuma Ejiliwebi Ozabor has always being a strong person of vision in the family. President and Founder of Grace House Ministries. Pastor Chucks emigrated from Nigeria to South Africa in the year 2004 with the goal of pursuing God’s Work and the Bible School.

Since its founding, the Grace House Family Church has been under the pastoral of Pastor Chuks Ozabor. He has invested hundreds of hours in the saving of souls, Bible studies, counseling sessions, sleepless nights, and time alone in fasting and prayer with the Spirit of God. All of this was in preparation for his call to the ministry.

Setting the balance between ministry and being a husband to his lovely wife Augusta and father to two wonderful children Ephraim and Joshua was his next consideration. Little did either of them know that the same call to ministry was being carried out in his lovely wife, Augusta. As nothing could be better than a husband and wife team working together to serve the Lord Jesus Christ.

Pastor Chuks and Augusta Ozabor have a very strong commitment to the charge mandated to them by God: to preach the word of faith with simplicity.

Destined to do great things in Jesus Christ, together Pastor Chuks and Augusta Ozabor willingly give their lives and possessions as servants of the most high God and the people they have been called to lead. In all that they say and do, they continuously give God all the praise, honor, and glory for the opportunity to be his humble servants.

Pastor Chuks Ozabor was married in the year 1998 to Augusta Ozabor. Pastor Chuks and his wife Augusta are blessed with two lovely boys Ephraim and Joshua and are currently residing in Johannesburg South Africa.


Pastor Chuks Ozabor a man called by God to preach the word of faith. His dynamic teaching grace has seen him ministering on different platforms both locally and internationally. He has been privileged to minister to large congregations, businessmen, ministers of the gospel of great influence and capacity, captains of industry, private sector leaders, conferences and seminars, government officials and diplomats.

The message of God’s matchless grace is the foundation of his ministry and he also speaks to over 2million people via the radio and television on a weekly basis.


During his growing years, Pastor Chuks Ozabor attended primary and secondary school in his native country Nigeria and went further to obtain a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Benin, Benin City Nigeria. Upon graduating, he worked as a lecturer in Secretarial Training Institute in Lagos, a Journalist and a successful business man he answer to the call of full time ministry in 1996. He served as an assistant pastor in New Generation Bible Church, Lagos Nigeria before he attended Rhema Bible Training Centre Johannesburg, South Africa, where he graduated with a Diploma Certificate.

Pastor Chuks Ozabor has attended many private courses after that to equip himself for the task ahead of him. He has never stopped building himself academically until this day. A voracious reader, he has also published two books so far (DECLARE THE DECREE & STRATEGIC PRAYING) and many more are yet to be unveiled.


During these years, he served as assistant to several pastors and churches, and through his hard work and diligence serving as a pastor under the New Generation Bible Church as well as the Redeemed Christian Church of God, In the fall of 2004, he was publicly released with a blessing. Pastor Chukwuma Ejiliwebi Ozabor ended his tenure as assistant pastor and ventured out by faith to pioneer a work in the City of Johannesburg.

With the dedicated assistance and support of his wife Augusta Ozabor, he has overseen and propelled the growth of his flock from a group to a growing congregation of several thousands calling Grace House Family Church their spiritual home.

Pastor Chuks Ozabor has a great burden and vision to move his congregation

“Out of the Ordinary into Greatness.”

His vision has definitely caught on at GHFC, which is clearly evidenced by the consistent stream of visitors and new converts added to each service. He has been truly blessed with favour from God and man with many doors being opened for him to influence the political and business leaders of the City of Johannesburg.