Pastor Augusta Ozabor in her humble beginning was born in Benin City, Edo State of Nigeria. She was No 5 in a family of 8, she gave her life to Christ 1991, started her career after her primary and secondary schools by obtaining a diploma in computer literacy with Beta Computers in the year 1993 and went further to complete and obtain a Bachelor degree in Arts (Languages & Literature) Edo State University in 1995. She has been a business woman doing excellently well when she got to meet her husband (Pastor Chuks Ozabor) and they got married December 1997. Three years after they got married she and her husband both moved to South Africa as being led by the Lord in the year 2000.

It wasn’t a rosy beginning in South Africa at arrival, but through it all she determinedly enrolled for the Diploma in Ministerial Training Rhema Bible Training College 2000, because of the work ahead of her and her Husband. She further obtained a diploma in HR Damelin 2003


Pastor Augusta who’s passion since she met with Christ is to see people come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, seeing people walk by faith, grow in faith, stand strong in faith and achieve the seemingly impossible because of their faith in God. She also love to see her immediate communities, families, nations transformed when the gospel is brought to them – just to see how only one word from God can transform a family, a nation or a community that to her is priceless. She is loaded with the word of God with strong motivation. Her charisma on the pulpit cannot be hidden as she goes on the pulpit full of purpose and expectant.

She served with this passion in heart at the Ushering department and became a Cell Leader at Christ Embassy Lagos. In South Africa she and her Husband worship with REDEEM CHRISTIAN CHURCH OF GOD where she served as an Usher and was ordained a Deaconess in 2002. She and her Husband Pastored the RCCG Rosebank Branch South Africa


Pastor Augusta Ozabor who clearly understand who a wife is, as God has mentioned to a man in the bible, she understands that her vision in the Ministry is to help fulfill the Vision and mandate the Lord has giving to her Husband (Pastor Chuks). With this foundational understanding, she never hesitate to give the full backing and support when Pastor Chuks mentioned the vision of the GRACEHOUSE FAMILY CHURCH the Lord has mandated to him. She and her husband who are the co-founder of the ministry today, only have survived building the Ministry today because God’s help has being with them. She has strongly teamed work with her husband as they initiate things together as a secret to their success today.

Pastor Augusta Ozabor, a wife, a Mother, a Sister to the GRACEHOUSE FAMILY love the Lord and love for the word and only the word to be preached, taught and lived. She is blessed with two boys and live with her husband in Johannesburg South Africa.