Grace House Family Church is full of the overflowing love and abundant grace of God. You are most welcome to experience and express both by becoming a part of the family.

As you receive Christ into your life you become a child of God with the full nature and likeness of God into your spirit man. You receive complete righteousness and get rightful standing of a son. Joining the family of God, you access full rights and privileges. (2 Cor. 5:21)

With this love of God I welcome you and pray that you will always be in sound health and definitely prosper in every way just as your soul indeed prospers. Your union with Christ practically makes you a genuine success and a true winner. You will continue being unbeatable in every area of your life. "Chuks Ozabor"


Raising men, taking territories. Developing the child of God to fulfill his fullest potential in God through application of God’s word and ultimately making a mark in the world that cannot be erased.


We are commissioned to develop individuals to the fullness of their potential, regardless of their past, so that they achieve lives full of meaning and simply manifest the best of heaven.

By the ministry of God’s word and prayer we reveal who Jesus Christ is to the believer. We as well expose the believer’s true identity in Christ Jesus to him. We help them to discover how God sees them now, what belongs to them, what they can do, their privileges, and their freedoms in Christ Jesus.

We empower God’s people to take territories. These are not limited to physical land marks only but also extend to their spheres of influence in whatever industries they may find themselves, they are given practical tool from the scripture to enable them dictate what happens, control the spiritual traffic, manifest kingdom authority and glorify the name of the Lord our God.


We believe the word of God in its entirety through faith. Romans 1:17. Our contact with God is through His word. John 1:1. We also believe your access to the treasure of redemption is through faith. Faith is the power over the world, and the believer has the God-kind of faith. 1 John 5:4. Also according to Mark 11:23, we place high esteem in the creative ability resident in the spoken word. We absolutely believe that words of faith proceeding out of the mouth of any believer create his/her dreams. By speaking God’s word the believer can possess his/her inheritance. Where your hand cannot fix anything, step back, speak to it by faith, and it can surely obey. We believe it is a finished work, the devil is defeated, we are delivered, healed, made rich and heaven bound. We believe that the curse is defeated and the blessing is deposited and operational now.

The dominant force in the life of every believer is the blessing that makes rich. The child of God is forever righteous, and irrevocably blessed. John 19:30, Ephesians 1:3, 2Cor 5:21, Galatians 3:13-14.  We equally believe that prayer and fasting are indispensable tools in your journey of life as a believer. James 5:16 


Raising men, taking territories